Forearm, Wrist Or Arm Pain in Phoenix AZ?

Are you one of the many people who struggle with forearm, wrist or arm pain in Phoenix AZ? Our integrative team at Premier Medical Integration can help.

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Are you experiencing forearm, wrist, or arm pain? Poor range of motion and overuse are common causes of pain. Because the source of this pain is not associated with direct trauma it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain as well as seek appropriate treatment. Our team is trained to help diagnose the source of the pain and relieve pain. Don’t let chronic extremity pain in Phoenix AZ linger and worsen. Contact our experienced team clinic to experience lasting relief.

Forearm, Wrist, & Arm Pain In Phoenix AZ

Most people, unaware of how their pain started, live with their pain as it develops. Common causes of these mysterious aches and pains include vertebral subluxations, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder. When conventional treatment is sought, doctors will typically offer a drug to take. However, medications can sometimes result in unwanted side effects without truly addressing the source of your pain.

“Referred pain” is another reason for forearm, wrist or arm pain. This is essentially when another issue in the body is sending nerve pain signals down your arms. For instance, shooting pain down the left arm can be an early sign of a heart attack. Inflamed gallbladders have also been known to cause shoulder pain.

At Premier Medical Integration, we most frequently pinpoint the underlying cause of pain to be nerve irritation in the spine. Nerve irritation occurs when discs or vertebrae are misaligned and exert pressure on the nerves. These nerves that are responsible for feeling throughout the whole spine and body are then not able to function properly and pain can result. This explains why damage to your spine can cause issues far from the source of the pain.

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There are near endless reasons you may be experiencing pain. This is why you should see a professional. At Premier Medical Integration, our entire team is trained and experienced in treating issues related to forearm, wrist or arm pain. Our precise approach will involve an examination of your medical history, physical well-being and X-rays that may reveal the underlying source of your pain. Our team's extensive schooling and experience will help our team to locate the cause of the pain and properly address it to help you find relief.


Integrative care has been proven to be helpful in relieving forearm, wrist, and arm pain. Many of our patients are surprised when they learn that the nerves in our spine actually reach the end of every one of our extremities. Spinal injuries have the potential to send pain signals to any part of our body. The specialized treatments we offer have had great results in helping arm pain for many of our patients.

Don’t hesitate to contact Premier Medical Integration today if you are suffering from forearm, wrist, or arm pain in Phoenix AZ!