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Are you searching for wellness care? It very common for someone to believe that the reason they are sick, is because they have the symptoms. This is the common belief because it is how we were all raised.

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In the last couple of years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of “healthy” feeling patients seeing a doctor because they want to remain healthy. People are showing more and more interest in wanting to feel the best they possibly can. Your integrative health team at Premier Medical Integration can assist you in your search for wellness care in Phoenix AZ.


Almost all of us have grown up with the impression that certain symptoms mean we are sick. As kids, we were called out of school for nausea and fevers and many adults take off of work for the same reason. Studies are starting to showcase that illnesses in society are related to the specific decisions that everyone is making in their life. All the decisions add up in order to create problems in our bodies that do not necessarily have any symptoms. Integrative care heals problems at the origin and does not solely heal the symptoms.



Everyone is aware that our bodies react to negative choices, but many people are unaware that our body also reacts to positive, healthy choices. When you digest a piece of meat that is not cooked all the way through, you will feel ill. This is usually accompanied with vomiting and a poor stomach ache. These feelings are signs that our body is working to get back to a healthy state. This is proof that our body is operating at the correct capacity. A healthy individual is one with a body that functions at its highest capacity rather than a body that simply “feels good”.


The nervous system is the master control center. The nervous system is in control of all the body's operations. Our staff at Premier Medical Integration is determined to ensure that your nervous system operates properly. A strong nervous system is a big key to the puzzle of optimal health.

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