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Have you been in a recent car accident in Phoenix AZ? Getting a medical assessment right away after any motor vehicle collision is important. There are, on average 85 car crashes in Phoenix AZ every day, according to the City of Phoenix's Street Transportation Department. Very few of those occupants will report an injury. Following a motor vehicle collision, people typically develop a lot of emotions from shock or even stress from working with insurance or fixing their car. Sometimes the last thing people think about is their health. We need to remember that damage to the vehicle does not necessarily represent the extent of the injuries sustained. Less damage to the car could mean more force transmitted to the occupants!


Most people assume that neck injuries only occur during high-speed collisions, however, most hyperextension injuries in the neck occur from slow to moderate-speed collisions. The speed at which the head and neck move during a collision is two and a half times larger than the vehicle’s acceleration.

Physical damage to the head, neck, and upper back may include:

  • Muscles/Tendons can stretch and strain
  • Altered joint movements/inflammation
  • Facet joints can become jammed/impacted
  • Stretching of the spinal cord.
  • Increased muscle tension or spasms
  • Pinched or aggravated nerve roots.

It’s estimated that 85% of all neck injuries seen clinically result from an automobile crash. The severity of these injuries depends on the range of motion and acceleration of the head during the collision. With any whiplash injury, the nerves, spinal cord, and soft tissue are typically always damaged.

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Personal Injuries We Can Treat

  • Knee Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Discs
  • Muscle Aches

Next time you’re in a vehicle collision, don’t wait to get treated. Symptoms may come right away or a few days after the accident. Make sure to get fully evaluated by a certified professional following any motor vehicle collision. Our main goal is to get you back to an even better quality of life than you were before the accident!

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