Integrative Care for pregnancy in Phoenix AZ

Many people are not aware that integrative care in Phoenix AZ is offered for pregnant mothers. It is common for women to experience lower back pain during their pregnancy.

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A woman’s body must go through many different changes in order to allow for a growing baby. The growing baby increases in both size and weight. This growth brings the women's center of gravity much farther forward than usual. It is not natural for the center of gravity to be over the pelvis and therefore issues can arise. Joints of the pelvis and the lower back must handle more weight and increase stress. As the baby grows, the stress increases. If the woman has dealt with lower back problems throughout her life, there is a high probability that she will experience pain there again. This pain can affect both the labor and the day-to-day operations of the expecting mother.

The APA (American Pregnancy Association) found that around 50% of women will experience some form of lower back pain at one point in time or another during their pregnancy. This back pain usually occurs during the third trimester as this is the time when the baby starts to gain the most amount of weight. Lower back stress can also cause leg cramps, constipation, abdominal cramps and various other issues.


Premier Medical Integration is able to provide you with effective care both during and after your pregnancy. All of our staff are experienced and trained to reduce any discomfort. In many cases, regular care can help prevent common pains that arise with pregnancy. Integrative care allows for a smoother and safer birth.

Integrative care will get the mother’s body in peak condition to deliver. In many cases, patients did not even need any pain medication during the pregnancy if they had regular care. Some studies even suggest that a faster labor time for those choosing integrative care is possible. There are many effective adjustment techniques to ensure your pregnancy goes the best it can. And remember that Premier Medical Integration also offers care for newborns!

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