Suffering From Scoliosis in Phoenix AZ?

Are you living with scoliosis? Scoliosis is a bend in the spine that starts off small and gets worse overtime.

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The bend or curve in the spine must be at least 60 degrees for a patient to be diagnosed with scoliosis. When the spine does get to this point, there are major health complications that come into play. If our clinic can detect this spinal bend before it worsens, scoliosis in Phoenix AZ can be prevented from getting worse with precise measures.

Integrative Care For Scoliosis In Phoenix AZ

The specific cause of scoliosis has been studied for many years but there is no evidence pointing to a specific reason. The studies do showcase that a young girl is more likely to experience scoliosis. Bends in the spine can originate from one single vertebra being in the wrong position. As the individual grows, their body must compensate and alter to accommodate the misaligned vertebrae resulting in “S” and “C” shaped spines. Unleveled shoulders and pelvis are a common first sign to parents that their child may have early signs of scoliosis. Scoliosis is not the same as other spinal issues as it can’t be fixed through an improvement in posture.

Although scoliosis is popular in children, it can also arise in an older individual. There are many degenerative disorders that come about as people age. Osteoporosis is a disorder that causes bones in the spine to lose their shape. The body, similar to a young kid with a misaligned vertebrae, begins to compensate and creates curves that should not be there. These curves are created in an attempt to keep the head level. The heart and the lungs are at risk if this condition is not treated early.

Scoliosis can be spotted from a consultation, but to understand the severity of the condition, an X-ray is needed. There are methods of detection that have been created to detect scoliosis without an X-ray. One of these techniques is known as the Adam's Position test. This test consists of a series of bends allowing the practitioner to examine the shape of the spine. Here at Premier Medical Integration, we will check your shoulders and hips to ensure that they are level. In addition, we will ensure the legs are the same length as this is a common hint that scoliosis is beginning to develop.



Similar to any condition an individual is dealing with, the least invasive approach should be considered. Chiropractic care has shown success in both slowing and stopping the advancement of scoliosis. Our office in Phoenix AZ is experienced and trained to help you and we will do our best to prevent the need for surgery or other invasive methods. Our team will make sure to run a complete and thorough assessment of your health in order to find what could be causing your scoliosis. Lifestyle choices and many individuals’ occupations can be the source of the problem. Our doctor at Premier Medical Integration will take in all the information and create a personalized treatment plan that will include both adjustments and lifestyle advice in hopes to reverse the process. These adjustments will allow the body’s nervous system to operate better and assist in the restoration of your spine.

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